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1  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: August 15, 2013, 03:32:18 pm
Sprites from me are to be posted soon, once my Windows 7 stops being so weird. ¬¬ Anyway, I'll edit the post when I do get some sprites made. =3
2  The Board of Creativity / Mature Titles / Re: Silent Hill 2 Fanfic on: May 06, 2013, 10:53:18 am
Ya postin' in a dead topic. A friend sent the this to me sometime back, and I kept it since. I'm gonna close this off, to prevent any bots, posting here. This topic is now closed.
3  The Lounge / General Forum / Re: Oh look on: December 13, 2012, 02:55:52 pm
It's been back ages. I ain't goin' back, I'm fine here.
4  Pokemon Glitches and Stuff / Pokemon Glitches and Tricks / Re: Pokemon Blaue (Blue), Rote (Red), Gelle (Yellow) on: November 23, 2012, 07:13:07 am
Grr, due to the massive loss of my data when my Windows 7 was infected with DorkBot the Skype worm, it thrashed my system where I had to run a System Recovery because it would keep causing 7 to lock up/crash/freeze/hang, so during the first recovery, the worm caused 7 to crash which caused a halt meaning my laptop could not boot from Windows 7 because the Mater Boot Records were damaged, so I had to seek telephone help and the recovery went okay but... they told me the wrong option. ASUS has 3 Recovery Options - as the first deletes everything, leaving you with Drive C and a D drive that's a DVD/Disk drive. I dunno what Option 2 does, but Option 3 gives you a Drive C and Recovery Drive [aka Drive D] but because they said the first option, I lost everything - music - sprites - images - videos - ROMs, everything. Once I get my file sorted out my ROM file, I'll re-download all the games, as luckily Vista had most of my files, but outdated, but they've been a help. So, over the rest of November/December, I will be bouncing between research, while I'm back in Gen 1 [cartridge], as my lost Mewtwo is back from the dead, his Special is off by 2, but he's stronger than he was. So, I will create another post once I begin my research.

Here's a bit of 'M, as I will start with it first.

Name: 'M
Hex Number: 00
Level: 3 - 5
OT: Wild - Not Captured
Moves [Wild]:
Sprite: -Coming Soon-.

Name: 'M
Hex Number: 00
Level: 3 - 5
OT: Wild - TR Kira
Moves [Captured]:
Sprite: -Coming Soon-.
5  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: October 30, 2012, 04:58:51 am
I wish I was. He was last on 9th of September, and it's now 30th of October. I can't keep this sh.it up with him. As for my "research", that is gone. Lost everything when my laptop crashed during a system recovery which caused Windows 7 un-bootable as I think the Master Boot Records/Win 7 was damaged during the crash. So, I'm starting from scratch in the ROM department, and my Crystal refuses to keep my data without corrupting nor deleting. So, I'm going to have to find ROMs of Gen 2 again as I've been trying to figure out away to get Celebi in the UK version without a GameShark, but haven't figure it out yet.

So yes, he's fu.cked off once again and he said he will never do so. ¬¬
6  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: October 25, 2012, 07:24:59 am
Sorry Chaos, hate to break it to ya, he's fu.cked off again. ¬¬
7  Pokemon Glitches and Stuff / Pokemon Glitches and Tricks / Pokemon Blaue (Blue), Rote (Red), Gelle (Yellow) on: September 19, 2012, 03:36:44 pm
Okay, after I found an old-ish copy of the VBA, I'll be bringing back Pokemon Balu, Rot and Gelle research. Below I'll offer translations at the moment until I run tests to make sure the VBA doesn't f.uck with the videos like Vista kept causing. Once I know they're okay, I can start from the beginning because Vista lost my last data and copy of my save file, so I'm left to start at square one. I would do Green, but the sprites are too disturbing and a lot of the glitches crash because they can only be seen by modifier code, and I can't find a wild modifier code. I got rid of my old crappy topics, because I thought it was time for a clean up. Translations of the moves below:

Pokemon Moves:
German               -        English 
Absorber - Absorb
Säure - Acid
Säurepanzer - Acid Armor
Agilität - Agility
Amnesie - Amnesia
Aurorastrahl - Aurora Beam
Stakkato - Barrage
Barriere - Barrier
Geduld - Bide
Klammergriff - Bind
Biss - Bite
Blizzard -Blizzard
Bodyslam - Body Slam
Knochenkeule - Bone Club
Knochmerang  - Bonemerang
Blubber - Bubble
Blubbstrahl - BubbleBeam
Schnapper - Clamp
Kometenhieb - Comet Punch
Konfustrahl - Confuse Ray
Konfusion  - Confusion
Umklammerung  - Constrict
Umwandlung  - Conversion
Konter - Counter
Krabbhammer - Crabhammer
Zerschneider - Cut
Einigler - Defense Curl
Schaufler - Dig
Aussetzer - Disable
Irrschlag  - Dizzy Punch
Doppelkick - Double Kick
Doppelteam - Double Team
Riskikotackle - Double-Edge
Duplexhieb - DoubleSlap
Drachenwut - Dragon Rage
Traumfresser - Dream Eater
Bohrschnabel - Drill Peck
Erdbeben - Earthquake
Eierbombe - Egg Bomb
Glut - Ember
Explosion - Explosion
Feuersturm - Fire Blast
Feuerschlag  - Fire Punch
Feuerwirbel - Fire Spin
Geofissur - Fissure
Flammenwurf - Flamethrower
Blitz - Flash
Fliegen - Fly
Engergiefokus - Focus Energy
Furienschlag  - Fury Attack
Kratzfurie - Fury Swipes
Giftblick - Glare
Heuler - Growl
Wachstum - Growth
Guillotine - Guillotine
Windstoß - Gust
Härtner - Harden
Dunkelnebel - Haze
Kopfnuss - Headbutt
Turmkick - Hi Jump Kick
Hornattacke - Horn Attack
Hornboher - Horn Drill
Hydropumpe - Hydro Pump
Hyperstrahl - Hyper Beam
Hyperzahn  - Hyper Fang
Hypnose - Hypnosis
Eisstrahl - Ice Beam
Eishieb - Ice Punch
Sprungkick - Jump Kick
Karateschlag - Karate Chop
Psykraft - Kinesis
Blutsauger - Leech Life
Egelsamen - Leech Seed
Silberblick - Leer
Schlecker - Lick
Lichtschild - Light Screen
Todeskuss - Lovely Kiss
Fußkick - Low Kick
Meditation - Meditate
Megasauger - Mega Drain
Megakick - Mega Kick
Megahieb - Mega Punch
Metronom - Metronome
Mimikry - Mimic
Komprimator - Minimize
Spiegeltrick - Mirror Move
Weißnebel - Mist
Nachtnebel - Night Shade
Zahltag  - Pay Day
Schnabel - Peck
Blättertanz - Petal Dance
Nadelrakete - Pin Missile
Giftwolke - Poison Gas
Giftstachel - Poison Sting
Giftpuder - PoisonPowder
Pfund - Pound
Psystrahl - Psybeam
Psychokinese - Psychic
Psywelle - Psywave
Ruckzuckhieb - Quick Attack
Raserei - Rage
Rasierblatt - Razor Leaf
Klingensturm - Razor Wind
Genesung  - Recovery
Reflektor - Reflect
Erholung  - Rest
Brüller - Roar
Steinhagel - Rock Slide
Steinwurf - Rock Throw
Fegekick - Rolling Kick
Sandwirbel - Sand-Attack
Kratzer - Scratch
Kreideschrei - Screech
Geowurf - Seismic Toss
Finale - Selfdestruct
Schärfer - Sharpen
Gesang  - Sing
Schädelwumme - Skull Bash
Himmelsfeger - Sky Attack
Slam - Slam
Schlitzer - Slash
Schlafpuder - Sleep Powder
Schlammbad - Sludge
Smog  - Smog
Rauchwolke - SmokeScreen
Weichei - Softboiled
Solarstrahl - SolarBeam
Ultraschall - SonicBoom
Dornkanone - Spike Cannon
Platscher - Splash
Pilzspore - Spore
Stampfer - Stomp
Stärke - Strength
Fadenschuss - String Shot
Verzweifler - Struggle
Stachelspore - Stun Spore
Überroller - Submission
Delegator - Substitute
Superzahn - Super Fang
Superschall - Supersonic
Surfer - Surf
Sternschauer - Swift
Schwerttanz - Swords Dance
Tackle - Tackle
Rutenschlag - Tail Whip
Bodycheck - Take Down
Teleport - Teleport
Fuchtler - Thrash
Donner - Thunder
Donnerwelle - Thunder Wave
Donnerblitz - Thunderbolt
Donnerschock - Thundershock
Donnerschlag  - Thunder Punch
Toxin - Toxic
Wandler - Transform
Triplette - Tri Attack
Duonadel - Twineedle
Klammer - ViceGrip
Rankenhieb - Vine Whip
Aquaknarre - Water Gun
Kaskade - Waterfall
Wirbelwind - Whirlwind
Flügelschlag  - Wing Attack
Panzerschutz - Withdraw
Wickel - Wrap

I'll try getting an Item translation page, if I can find one.

Here we go:

German - English
Schutz - Repel
Superschutz - Super Repel
Top-Schutz - Max Repel
EP-Teiler - Exp. All
Helixfossil - Helix Fossil
Domfossil - Dome Fossil
Altbernstein - Old Amber
Mondstein - Moon Stone
Feuerstein - Fire Stone
Donnerstein - Water Stone
Blattstein - Leaf Stone
Nugget - Nugget
Pokéball - Poké Ball
Superball - Great Ball
Hyperball - Ultra Ball
Meisterball - Master Ball
Megablock - Guard Spec.
Angriffplus - Dire Hit
X-Angriff - X Attack
X-Abwehr - X Defend
X-Tempo - X Speed
X-Treffer - X Accuracy
X-Spezial - X Special
Poképuppe - Poké Doll
Münzkorb - Coin Case
Detektor - Itemfinder
Angel - Old Rod
Profiangel - Good Rod
Superangel - Super Rod
Bootsticket - S.S. Ticket
Eichs Paket - Oak's Parcel
Pokéflöte - Poké Flute
?-Öffner - Secret Key
Rad Coupon - Bike Voucher
Goldzähne - Gold Teeth
Türöffner - Card Key
Liftöffner - Lift Key
Silph Scope - Silph Scope
Fahrrad - Bicycle
Karte - Town Map
Trank - Potion
Gegengift - Antidote
Feuerheiler - Burn Heal
Eisheiler - Ice Heal
Aufwecker - Awakening
Para-Heiler - Parayz Heal
Top-Genesung - Full Restore
Top-Trank - Max Potion
Hyptertrank - Hyper Potion
Supertrank - Super Potion
Hyperheiler - Full Heal
Beleber - Revive
Top-Beleber - Max Revive
Tafelwasser - Fresh Water
Sprudel - Soda Pop
Limonade - Lemonade
Äther - Ether
Top-Äther - Max Ether
KP-Plus - HP Up
Protein - Protein
Eisen - Iron
Carbon - Carbos
Kalzium - Calcium
Sonderbonbon - Rare Candy
AP-Plus - PP Up
AP-Top - PP Max
8  The Lounge / Random Board / Video Game Wish List on: September 16, 2012, 06:50:17 am
This is just something random, I thought about while shooting zombies on Left 4 Dead 2. Here you can speak about a wish list of games you want to happen. This ranges from everything that counts as a machine for video gaming. Also you can add what you would love/want into the game(s) you want to happen.

My Wish List:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D [My GameCube won't last forever] - 3DS
Quake 5 [Continuing the Strogg Storyline] - Xbox 360
Dead Space Extraction - Xbox 360 [Seriously, every DS fan deserves a 360 release!]
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - PS3/Xbox 360 - [Every RE fan deserves this on PS3/Xbox 360 if they don't own a pi.ss-ant Wii]
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles - PS3/Xbox 360 [Same reason as the other one]
The Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess 3D - 3DS [Impossible to find a GameCube copy in the UK without a fu.cking pi.ss-ant Wii version up in my face every time I look for this game]
Dragon Age 3/4 Without Multiplayer - Xbox 360 [DA3 is ruined because of fu,cking Multiplayer]
Left 4 Dead 3 - Xbox 360 [Hey, a girl can hope right? =3]
Forbidden Siren 4/Remake Siren 1 and 2 - PS3 [like Siren Blood Curse - Why not? It's been 4 years since the release of Blood Curse [New Translation in Japan]]
Halo 2 Remake - Xbox 360 - [Now this would be bad ass on Xbox 360 like Halo: CE Anniversary Edition]
F.E.A.R. 4 - Xbox 360 - [I loved the 3rd one, hell I loved all 3 so I hope for  4th one.]
Gears of War 4 - Xbox 360 [I wish XD]
Pokemon Battle Revolution - 3DS [Why not? Not everyone would want a pi.ss-ant Wii, and the fact that DS/DS Lite./DSi/DSiXL can't connect to the Internet by wireless - my 3DS can]
Another SH Installment but with Yamaoka Akira's music and more to the original series not the new s.hit of today - PS3 [Reason I say PS3 only because after the s.hit with patches for the Xbox 360 version of Silent Hill HD Collection it wouldn't be fair on the 360 fans because Konami can't make patches for the Xbox 360 version due to something lame]

That's all I can think of for now. How 'bout you guys?
9  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: September 10, 2012, 08:26:01 am
I did some work, as they're just something random I came up with. I did scratch most of these, the muzzle and tail were scratched by yours truly. Well, friends of mine and such own our own "fursonas". I can't really explain it. So, bare with me.

Hotatio [his sprite was done first]:

Yuki [Hotatio's younger sister]:


Kisha [Kululu's younger sister]:

Misha "Morrigan":

Alessa "Black Ice" Miyaka:

Alyssa "Ice Snow" Miyaka [Alessa's sister]:

Mutou Kira [Me]:

Mutou Yami:

[No idea why I started these again]

[Pokemon Crystal sprites]

My new revamps:

My old revamps:

Here's the sprite of the little sh.it Scott, from my Silent Hill Fic.
10  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: September 10, 2012, 08:21:38 am
My sprites are back from the motherfu.cking dead, and better than ever!

Warning! The page will get long. You have been warned.

It took me 2 weeks to finish these. I started about uh... I dunno the 4th of July or something (I forgot when), and finished on the 14th of July. I made human and catgirl versions. I have others to post too, so I'll post them on another page.

Kajiro Sapphire [Human]:

Kajiro Sapphire [Catgirl]:

Takauchi Lightning [Human]:

Takauhchi Lightning [Catgirl]:

Saori Ruby [Human]:

Saori Ruby [Catgirl]:

Monyakage Emerald [Human]:

Monyakage Emerald [Catgirl]:

Romani Raven [Human]:

Romani Raven [Catgirl]:

Miruka Rika [Catgirl]:

Rika is a new RPG character I haven't added into a role-play yet. More sh.it to come.
11  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 05:11:09 pm
This has been the longest I've not played my Xbox 360. Now my PS2 can be found on my TV I can finally finish games like Forbidden Siren 2.
12  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 04:57:07 pm
My 360 wireless controller is fussy when it comes to certain batteries. ¬¬
13  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 04:44:16 pm
I do that with my PS3 controller because my wired 360 controller is stiff, which it's been like it when I got it.
14  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 04:32:56 pm
Sucks. Dragon Age is a bit of a struggle, as I think the graphics are too much, but the controls are too hard for me, so I stick to the 360 version.
15  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 04:18:40 pm
It has a cooling system so the touch panel never overheats.
16  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 04:10:35 pm
Mine's a ASUS laptop, had it a few months, and no trouble with it.
17  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 04:01:19 pm
It doesn't burn, it doesn't **** me off, it's great. I can play GW1/2 without much trouble. Best system, it's a Win 7 64-bit System.
18  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 03:51:11 pm
I still got mine, I'll never rid of it. I got anew laptop before my 24th birthday, and it's sexy. Vista is in a box under my bed.
19  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 03:39:24 pm
Well, when I lost my Red Team because of a bastard N64 Transfer Pak, then caused me my Red again, I had to restart Gen 1. Now I'm knocked out of Gen 2, after Gen 1 is finished, I'm back to Gen 3.
20  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 03:33:25 pm
Could do. I haven't even beaten my Blck/White games and I've had 'em ages. My Yellow remains alive, shockingly.
21  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 03:24:57 pm
I haven't played my 360 in ages. Dead Rising is a ****, I will admit. I'm so looking forward to AC3 this year. I'm not keen with Halo 4, but killing Templars is more fun. X3 It's good to have you back. As for you new RPG, I'm thinking of it. When you get ORC, I got an RPG made for it, but I'll wait until you get the game, and it's quite good, a lot of fun.
22  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 03:17:02 pm
You tried Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City? It's **** sweet, I so love it. Warden, if you got a copy of Silent Hill HD Collection for Xbox 360, it's useless because Konami are unable to release patches for it, but the PS3 version has been patched. I'm only a few Trophies off, but manages to get my old PS2 to run on my TV so I can finally get Tofu.
23  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 03:06:29 pm
I ain't going back there. A lot of sh.it has happened: my Pokemon Crystal cartridge is dead, so I'm out of Gen 2, but on my bro's red which is now mine, I got my Mewtwo back, but my last one had a special of 200+ at but this one is 277 I think, so it's been sh.it in the Pokemon realm for me. I haven't really done much on my fics, been too addicted to Guild Wars 2 that came out on the 28th of August, so I've been checking on here, but Flashplayer gets up and arms when GW2 is running. ¬¬
24  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: It took me long e-goddamn-nough on: September 08, 2012, 02:49:55 pm
Yeah, while you'd been playing happy classroom, I've been trying to run this place. I told Chaos not to bother, as he's gone else where so it's been me. Where the fu.cking here you been? New Sanity is just about alive, it's already gone down once and I had to go revive it.
25  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 27, 2012, 04:37:11 pm
Finally, I've done the dual-type cards [smaller] and now I have the fun task of creating super versions. Sh.it. Meh, I'll get onto 'em when I've tackled my research. I was doing good until I made an error and restarted - never will I try and encounter Glitch Pokemon soon later I got my 3rd badge. Bah! 'M was a real sh.it - it took a lot of Pokeballs to catch it, and the fu.cker just wouldn't stay down - it would keep coming back and when I did capture it, it has no moves [has moves in the wild, but  none after capture [second time] - and when I tried to see what it was like in battle, it crashed the fu cking game! Arrgh! And Charizard 'M remains the same - unstable by encounter in the wild. I can only catch it by turning the code off and back on - it seems to be stable in battle but can't be healed by Pokemon Center, and if I move my Pokemon into a box, I get "unseen "Pokemon" that I can't see what they are, and if I put Charizard 'M in the box, he'll remain in my party - that was as far as I had gotten on the research, but I'll beat the game first, so I can tons of money to buy stacks of Pokeballs, or find 'M and dupe my Pokeballs in slot 6.

Anyway here are the cards:

Smaller Normal/Flying Card:

Smaller Normal/Psychic Card:

Smaller Normal/Fighting Card:

Smaller Fire/Flying Card:

Smaller Fire/Fighting Card:

Smaller Fire/Rock Card:

Smaller Fire/Ground Card:

Smaller Fire-Steel Card:

Smaller Grass/Poison Card:

Smaller Grass/Flying Card:

Smaller Grass/Fighting Card:

Smaller Grass/Dark Card:

Smaller Grass/Ground Card:

Smaller Grass/Steel Card:

Smaller Bug/Poison Card:

Smaller Bug/Flying Card:

Smaller Bug/Rock Card:

Smaller Bug/Grass Card:

Smaller Bug/Fire Card:

Smaller Bug/Ghost Card:

Smaller Bug/Electric Card:

Smaller Bug/Steel Card:

Smaller Psychic/Flying Card:

Smaller Psychic/Grass Card:

Smaller Ghost/Poison Card:

Smaller Ghost/Flying Card:

Smaller Ghost/Dark Card:

Smaller Ghost/Dragon Card:

Smaller Ghost/Fire Card:

Smaller Electric/Flying Card:

Smaller Electric/Steel Card:

Smaller Fighting/Psychic Card:

Smaller Fighting/Steel Card:

Smaller Rock/Ground Card:

Smaller Rock/Water Card:

Smaller Rock/Grass Card:

Smaller Rock/Bug Card:

Smaller Rock/Flying Card:

Smaller Rock/Psychic Card:

Smaller Ground/Flying Card:

Smaller Ground/Psychic Card:

Smaller Ground/Electric Card:

Smaller Ground/Dragon Card:

Smaller Ground/Dark Card:

Smaller Poison/Bug Card:

Smaller Poison/Flying Card:

Smaller Poison/Fighting Card:

Smaller Poison/Dark Card:

Smaller Dragon/Flying Card:

Smaller Dragon/Psychic Card:

Smaller Dragon/Ice Card:

Smaller Steel/Psychic Card:

Smaller Steel/Ground Card:

Smaller Steel/Rock Card:

Smaller Steel/Dragon Card:

Smaller Ice/Flying Card:

Smaller Ice/Psychic Card:

Smaller Ice/Ground Card:

Smaller Dark/Fire Card:

Smaller Dark/Ice Card:

Smaller Dark/Flying Card:

Smaller Dark/Fighting Card:

Smaller Dark/Ghost Card:
26  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 25, 2012, 05:24:39 am
Okay, so what's the link? Send it to me PM if you wish. I've created some "type" cards, I'll leave the dual-types out until I've finished them. If I do join, you may find me under my intend Xbox Live name but of course it was too long so I had to shorten it. A new place might be nice for me, since backup Sanity went down the a few days so it was lucky I'm an admin other wise it would of stayed down due to being inactive for so long.

Smaller Normal Card:

Smaller Flying Card:

Smaller Fire Card:

Smaller Grass Card:

Smaller Bug Card:

Smaller Psychic Card:

Smaller Ghost Card:

Smaller Electric Card:

Smaller Fighting Card:

Smaller Rock Card:

Smaller Ground Card:

Smaller Poison Card:

Smaller Dragon Card:

Smaller Steel Card:

Smaller Ice Card:

Smaller Dark Card:

I do plan on creating Super versions of these, but I need to think how I am going to make 'em work. As for my research, it's still empty but it'll be revived. I plan to, but I will need to complete the game seeing as I have no infinite money codes for German R/B/Y and the others.
27  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 22, 2012, 07:08:26 pm
That might be a problem or a few:

A) I'm old [too old for Pokemon most say]

B) Last time people learned that I am differenet [my "worse" form of autism I got sh.it for it for years - hence why half of GCL hated me]

C) I'm a lot of places as it is

D) My typing is crap, and I got no control over my "grammer errors" or too many or lack of "," or other sh.it

Something else I'll come back to - stupid memory loss.

*Sighs* Warden really needs to get his ass on here, I'm growing fed up with him.

I'll no doubt post more sprite stuff from me when I get round to it - I might start making different cards other than Pokemon-cards [Team Rocket/Aqua/Magma etc.] And I can't use a "spellchecker" because the Google Toolbar doesn't work on Firefox 10, and I no longer have Microsoft Word, I got pi.ssed with it.

Well, if the place is willing to accept an idiot like me, I'll give it a try.
28  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 21, 2012, 04:13:59 am
*Rolling on the floor laughing*

Yes, he was here 9th of Febuary this year.

Fu.cking Vista is being a total fu.cktard, so I'll have to tackle the Mewtwo card soon. Chaos, do you want to take charge as Warden? And as for my glitch research - shall I continue it or not bother seeing as Warden ain't on here as much as he damn well should be, leaving us to run this forum.

Here's the card, it's not much but meh. These sort of smaller cards, I don't add much to them, unlike the super trainer cards.

29  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 18, 2012, 04:31:56 am
Lmao. XD I knew that one would get attention! XD My friend Harley said it was hot, as in the best damn sprite I ever done. I'm proud of it, for how it came out so well. Thanks, Chaos - I tend to make more sprites, but during one of the Super version of the TCs, the Aqua A went into sh.it mode and I have no control over how it looks.

While you was off, I made cards of my fictional friends. I saw The Warden but he never posted anything.

I also made Cynthia in a bikini too for my friend Harley. This was a bi.tch to do.

Here's my cards, they're empty because of my massive loss of Pokemon, so I don't have a lot at the moment. Curse you Gold and Silver!  Cry

Here's a Super Team Rocket Trainer Card [My Version]

Here's a Blank Super Team Rocket Trainer Card:

Super Blank Team Magma Trainer Card:

Super Blank Team Aqua Trainer Card [I had no control over the symbol turning out like it has - I don't know if I will be able to repair it]:

Sapphire's Card [I did Sapphire's differently, as I wanted to make her's like it's made from ice, as her nickname is Articuno]:

Lightning's Card:

Ruby's Card:

Emerald's Card:

Raven's Card:

I do requests, as for the super cards, yes I can add friend codes. Mine can only be seen from my 3Ds because my DS Lite and DS XL are unable to connet to the Internet.

I'll make a Mewtwo one later when I get the right stuff for it.
30  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 11, 2012, 06:00:56 am
Man, have I been busy with sprite work as of late. While I was creating sprite work, a friend of mine and I both agreed that Flannery is the hotest Gym Leader there is, as she was surprised by my work on a sprite of Flannery, but I have created 2, and updated my own sprites, and got new Trainer Cards from Google, but I don't take the credit for 'em I only modifed one of them as it was saved in .gif, and it looked bad, so I changed some of the colours for my own, and created 2 others from the base of the template after I had to edit it, and save it in .png format.

Summer-ready Flannery [this was my best sprite so far]:


My Sprites:

Team Rocket Trainer Card [Repaired]

Team Magma Trainer Card [I had to scratch the M and the A]

Team Aqua Trainer Card [I will get Galatic and Plasma cards when I get around to it by finding the right colours]

Test Card - Team Magma Grunt Flannery Card
31  New User Warehouse / Inactive Room / Re: Going to be gone for possibly a few weeks. on: January 24, 2012, 07:46:24 am
XD I'm used to it - hence why Warden hasn't shown himself on here. First my Gold dies, now my Silver. It's going **** great for me. Sigh, all I got left is my Crystal and I have no clue how long that will last since I had G/S for 10 years because I was 13 when I got 'em.

Anyway welcome back, and good to know. I swear if Warden doesn't get his ass on here I'm gonna walk out I hate babysitting his forums ¬¬.
32  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: January 21, 2012, 07:34:53 am
Sorry I haven't been on much, I've been a bit busy.

Just some sprites, of the fictional girls from my Silent Hill fic which is stuck because my laptop has gotten a mind of its own. No joke.





Veronica [Miyako's sister, as she dyed her hair blond when she was 18]

Just a random revamp-like style of Flannery-san.

33  New User Warehouse / Inactive Room / Re: Going to be gone for possibly a few weeks. on: January 06, 2012, 04:01:11 am
At least it ain't too far off. I hope it goes well.
34  The Lounge / General Forum / What Did You Get This Year? on: December 26, 2011, 08:59:35 am
What did you guys get this year, for Christmas?

I got:

HP Deskjet 2050 J510 series Printer-Scanner-Copier in one
New charm bracelet with 4 new charms to go with
Nintendo 3DS [Aqua Blue]
The Legend of Zelda: Oracarina of Time 3D
Tin of chocolates
Dead Rising
Dead Rising 2
Resident Evil DVD Collection [4-disc set]
Dead Space: Downfall DVD
Quarantine 2 [2-disc DVD set]
Guild Wars Trilogy
New Xbox 360 Controller
and something else that didn't matter.

So far, I've nearly beaten Legend of Zelda, but at the moment I'm taking a break, because the Water Temple's getting on my nerves, but my memory will come back, and I'll show that Temple who's boss. I can't wait to play Master Quest again, I already have it on GameCube, but my Cube has started to become very fussy, so it hates most of my games. I love my new printer, it's sweet, and makes less noise as my old one did, man that was a noisy printer, but this one is more quiet, and a lot more easy to use. I hope ya all had a nice Christmas, and I hope all have a damn good New Year.
35  New User Warehouse / Inactive Room / Re: Going to be gone for possibly a few weeks. on: December 24, 2011, 05:21:37 am
Now that sucks. My brother had that.

No trouble, I was off for a week for when I had my surgery. Hope it goes well, in January.
36  New User Warehouse / Inactive Room / Re: Going to be gone for possibly a few weeks. on: December 20, 2011, 03:30:28 am
Ugh, Warden really needs to get his ass back here. His forum, he runs the damn place.

Get back on ya feet soon, Chaos.
37  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: December 08, 2011, 06:02:19 pm
Here's some more sprites. Late, I know.

DP Male Wingless Xmas Luxray:

DP Male Wingless Candy Cane Luxray:

DP Male Wingless Angel Luxray:

DP Male Winged Xmas Luxray:

DP Male Winged Candy Cane Luxray:

DP Male Winged Angel Luxray:

HG/SS Xmas Moltres:

HG/SS Candy Cane Moltres:

HG/SS Angel Moltres:[/color]

HG/SS Black and Gold Styled Moltres:

HG/SS Black and Gold Styled Charizard:

HG/SS Wingless Angel Rapidash:

HG/SS Winged Angel Rapidash:

HG/SS Black and Gold Styled Winged Rapidash:

The black and gold style is a new look, I came up with and my friend loves it, so when Xmas is over, I'll be accpecting requests for black gold style sprites.
38  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: December 02, 2011, 06:56:26 pm
Fair enough.

More stuff from me.

BW Xmas Vaporeon:

BW Candy Cane Vaporeon:

BW Angel Vaporeon:

HGSS Xmas Nidoking:

HGSS Candy Cane Nidoking:

HGSS Angel Nidoking:

RB Bulbasaur Revamp:

RB Xmas Bulbasaur Revamp:

RB Candy Cane Bulbasaur Revamp:

RB Angel Bulbasaur Revamp:

Black/White Xmas Zapdos:

Black/White Candy Cane Zapdos:

Black/White Angel Zapdos:





39  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: November 30, 2011, 05:15:04 pm
I've begun the Xmas and Candy Cane Pokemon, but until it's 12:00AM UK Time, I can't post them, as for RB Revamps, I found a few Pokemon I can't revamp:


I'll no doubt post a few I can't do, if I remember any.

Post Edit: 12:00AM (It was 12:00AM When I did an edit, but it's now 12:03AM)

Okay, first batch. More to be posted.

Female RB Gyarados Xmas Sprite:

Female RB Female Candy Cane Gyarados Sprite:

Female RB Gyarados Angel Sprite:

Male RB Xmas Gyarados Sprite:

Male RB Candy Cane Gyarados Sprite:

Male RB Angel Gyarados Sprite:

I would post the Mewtwo sprites I made, back at GCL but I don't think I have 'em anymore, since when I'd try and post them on Photobucket I get's bogus "errors with the image" crap, so sadly it looks like I'll have to have a laugh and try again 'cause them sprites were well flukes, and I doubt I'd be able to remake them and yes, Vista did lose them. ¬¬

More to be posted, and I didn't bother with wings, too much of a hassle.

Post Edit: 12:50AM

Sorry Mewtwo fans, out there. This revamp ain't exactly perfect, but I no longer have my original revamp, so I had to remake. I know it sucks, so I'll dive for cover to avoid trouble.

RB Xmas Mewtwo Revamp:

RB Candy Cane Mewtwo Revamp:

RB Angel Mewtwo:

RB Xmas Flareon Revamp:

RB Candy Cane Flareon Revamp:

RB Angel Flareon Revamp:

40  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: November 27, 2011, 05:24:30 am
I guess I've gotten a little better since my GCL days, since I was 16 or so but nah, I'm never going back there. There's nothing for me there anymore. My Red's doing good, beat Misty annoying Starmie thanks to my Pidgeotto. Yeah, anyway I may dig out some other revamps, as I acpect requests but I don't know if I still have my old RB Mew Revamp I did sometime ago.

Bah, just checked and nope, my Mew was lost along with my old data. Ah well back to the drawing board. If you wish a request of a revamp, post one. I can't do Yellow very well, sorry I'm still working on that since Yellow sprites only have 2 shades and now 3 like RGB. If I think of a revemp I'll post it.
41  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: November 24, 2011, 06:48:33 pm
Gives me something to do other than try and [not] kill my laptop after it's constant oddness as of late. When 1st of December is rolls up, Candy Cane and Xmas Sprites will be out. Still need to work on my shading, it sucks. Also funny question: should I bring back my Angel Pokemon too? After they're part of the Xmas cheer and such.

I forgot to display these RB revamps I did sometime back. Think on the 8th of the 8th month, I forgot. I know I'm terrible at remembering.

If I have already posted 'em remind me, please.

RB Male Gyarados Revamp + Shiny:

RV Female Gyarados Revamp + Shiny:

42  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: November 18, 2011, 04:02:56 pm
I'm back from the dead. Only kidding. Anyway, minor upgrades for my character's in my SH story which will be moved onto back up Sanity, or I've already done it, I forgot but anyway more are still to come, but I will get 'round to it when Vista stops acting weird.

Amy's Sprites:

Amber's Sprites:

Kimberly's Sprites:

43  New User Warehouse / Inactive Room / Re: Back from Hell. on: November 04, 2011, 06:34:35 am
I don't see the point really, he's just... not very good with "checking" up on this place. Though the back up place is still around.

Sigh, I don't know what to do to be honest.
44  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: November 01, 2011, 06:20:22 am
Meh, these aint much, but two sprites of Eve from Parasite Eve II, and I do have other colours done of the uniform just haven't had time to finish them but I will get round to it.

45  New User Warehouse / Inactive Room / Re: Back from Hell. on: November 01, 2011, 05:43:09 am
Ya know that sounds like something my laptop would do. Welcome back. Though I'm still waiting for Warden to get back, it's been 3 or so months, I stopped counting.

Anyway welcome back, not a lot's gone on, I can't get a hold of Goku nor Kiba, so I'm gonna give Kiba an ear bashing when I find him online on Xbox Live.
46  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Achievements/Trophies You Hate Getting/Have To Get Again on: September 19, 2011, 10:54:13 am
I give up.

I'm finally free from the hopsital, and damn I got brusing that's so damn purple it looks like an army of grapes.

There's an Achievement on DS2, I'll post up when I remember it. I never want to get that one again.

Game: Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360)
Achievement Name: Going for Disance
Description: "Impale an enemy and make him fly through the ir for 17 meters - it must stick to the surface."
Weapons Required: Teleinesis, Necromorph Limb
GameScore Points: 20

I can't remember how exactly I pinged this, but I'd hate to get it again, as I found most Dead Space 2 Achievements hard to get.
47  The Lounge / General Forum / Re: Which song reflects you? on: September 14, 2011, 03:23:04 am
It'll be nice to know HOW long or WHEN you're sodding off, it'll make things easier. If ya just PM on when you ain't on, can't be on, it'll help. I never say when I'm going off 'cause I'm never offline that long, only if Vista is causing me chaos, for when it loves to crash Firefox. ¬¬

Young Girl - Garry Pucket and the Union Gap.

This long was way before my time, but it's a awesome song. When I listen to this song, I feel as if my pain/stress for Win Vista is gone.

This Could Be Anywhere In The World - Alexisonfire

Now this song, is bad ass. I heard it on a rock music channel called Scuzz, on Sky, and this song I can relate to how I feel on the world around me.

Lugia's Song  (From Pokemon The Movie 2000)

I forgot how beautiful this song  was. After hearing  this song again, it brought back the memories of the young and early days of Pokemon my brother and I were into. I still remember the first time seeing  Ho-Oh, but never knew what it was.
48  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Achievements/Trophies You Hate Getting/Have To Get Again on: September 14, 2011, 03:13:20 am
It ain't because half the systems I've been around with, don't have a reward system like Xbox 360/PS3. It was clear in the title's name what this is about. Some PC games have a Trophy/Achievement system, and that counts towards PC games that have them systems. I never added them into the list, because the only PC game I have for a Achievement System is Dragon Age: Origins Unltimate Edition, and I don't know what other games have Achievement/Trophy system, because half the gaming community are console players.

(My posts may be incorrect, it's because Google Toolbar died on my Firefox 3/4, so I was forced to upgrade to Firefox 5/6.)

Game: Left 4 Dead (If I already posted this, let me know and I'll change it)
Achievement Name: Nothing Special
Description: "Survive a campaign with no Survivors, taking damage from a Special Infected."
Weapons Required: Any weapon you can find
GameScore Points: 30

I pinged this one on Blood Harvest, and the best way to get this, is to keep your eyes and ears pealed for Special Infected, mainly Tanks, Smokers, Hunters, and Boomers. Smokers are normally a pain, because they can grab you/another Survivor with his tongue, and if you don't free your ally quick enough, he/she will take damage, and the Achievement is lost until you go back to the main menu, and start again. Also listen out for Hunters, they are the most annoying lot there is, as they can pounce out of nowhere, and if you're not quick enough, Achievement is lost. Tanks, can be tricky if the AI Director likes to be cruel, and Witches do count if she attacks.
49  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Achievements/Trophies You Hate Getting/Have To Get Again on: September 13, 2011, 02:26:34 am
These only count for Xbox 360/PS3-related games that have a trophy system (PS3).

Game: Dragon Age II
Achievement Name: A Worthy Rival
Description: "Earned the Arishok's respect".
Weapons Required: --
GameScore Points: 25

Took me ages to ping this Achievement, as it was a nightmare to get this horn-heads respect, as most Horned Qunari are hotheads.
50  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Achievements/Trophies You Hate Getting/Have To Get Again on: September 01, 2011, 04:13:47 am
Game: Halo 3: ODST
Achievement Name: Audiophile
Description: "Found all Audio Logs, alone or with another ODST" [I did this Solo, because I have Silver Membership]
Weapons Required: Anything you can find to fight your way through the game
GameScore Points: 75

It took me forever to find all of these damn things. I also finally got all skulls on Halo 3 too.
51  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: July 08, 2011, 04:16:38 am
Seriously, like you lot get the hell out of school, I'll no doubt be in my ****ing 30s or 40s, by then, and I'm about mid-20s now (my birthday's next Friday), and I'm gonna keep getting health problems, because most surviving premature babies like I was, will tend to get health issues for the rest of their life, and I'm surprised the mount of stress I've gone through all my life, hasn't killed me yet. But, the stress of me babysitting for what, might kill me or I'll just get up and leave. Who knows. Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done before my operation date.

Post edit:

I've created an inactive board, for people to use if they're sodding off, for a while leaving me to babysit again. It is useful if members of staff are sodding off for a while, so they don't get demoted for being inactive too long without a warning.
52  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: July 07, 2011, 04:12:47 pm
I had the same problem on Red/Blue, as I wasn't sure why Fire Blaze (my original Charmander on my original Red) didn't do much damage to Onix.
53  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Achievements/Trophies You Hate Getting/Have To Get Again on: July 07, 2011, 03:36:29 pm
That sucks.

Game: Gears of War
Achievement Name: Don-curious
Description: "Compelte Act 1 co-op as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty"
Weapons Required: --
GameScore Points: 10

Due to the fact, I'm one person, and on her own, co-op is a major pain in the ass for me. I was lucky to ping this one.
54  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: July 07, 2011, 03:08:03 pm
I still remember when I was about 9, as my brother and I were playing Super Mario Bros 3, on his NES, and as I was about to fly to a Warp Zone, I nstead ended up flying down a damn hole.
55  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: July 07, 2011, 02:07:18 pm
*Sighs* If I have to add an "Inactive Board" my forums have, I will. I'm starting to lose patience.
56  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: July 06, 2011, 05:03:22 pm
I made quite a screw up on F.3.A.R. where I was on a mission (forgot which one), and I had forgotten to pick up Alma's doll.
57  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Achievements/Trophies You Hate Getting/Have To Get Again on: July 06, 2011, 05:01:53 pm

Game: F.3.A.R (Fear 3)
Achievement Name: Doll Collector
Description: "Find the Alma Doll on every Mission."
Weapons Required: --
GameScore Points: 20

I'd hate to get this again, it's where you go through every mission in F.3.A.R. of Alma's Dolls, and the trouble with these things, they're just like the flags in Assassin's Creed, they can go missing, but all you have to do is just restart the mission, and the doll will re-appear, or will be in another location, just look on Google.
58  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: July 06, 2011, 04:56:47 pm
An Email/PM to me wouldn't kill you both, to INFORM me you're pissing off for weeks on Ra-forsaken end! It's Hellgar Pack, plus new RPGs have been added, but Server 8 of my forums is having slowness issues, as a lot of other people who are Server 8, are having the same problem, and I'm waiting for any news from the support boards, of Fourmer, to find out, what is going on.
59  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: July 06, 2011, 03:19:02 pm
This screw up happened a few hours ago -

I was playing Super Mario World, and as I was about to jump onto the large bullet (I've forgotten the name), but I jumped at the wrong moment and landed on him, killing me.
60  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Achievements/Trophies You Hate Getting/Have To Get Again on: July 06, 2011, 03:11:38 pm
Congratulations. I got "Cr0wned" on my grey hard drive, Microsoft sent me, some time ago.
61  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: July 06, 2011, 03:10:14 pm
Where the hell you and Kiba been!?
62  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: July 05, 2011, 12:20:02 pm
I've been hated by half the GCL for years, but I don't give a crap. *Sighs* I maybe the oldest here, but I can't be a scapegoat, forever guys. I'm nearly 23, as it is, so I can't keep this up, forever. Time you lot leave school, I'll be in my fu.cking 30s/40s by then. I'm about eh just about in my mid-20s when I'm 23, or so.
63  The Lounge / Random Board / Display Your Desktop on: July 02, 2011, 03:20:07 am
Another forum I used to go to used to have this as well. It was quite cool, as one of the member's had quite a nice desktop. I'm just boring, I rarely change mine. I rarely change mine due to my laptop's screen lenth, which is long, so it's a nightmare to keep them from streching and looking horrid on Win7. Vista on the other hand isn't too bad.

My desktop on my Win7 laptop which I do hate this OS.

I'll get Vista's when I'm on there, since it has a key missing, and is slow as a snail (both have useless processors).

Windows Vista - Laptop

Windows XP - PC
64  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: June 28, 2011, 05:58:44 am
It's been me, me, me, all this year, keeping this place up and running. I got a friend to join, but haven't heard from him in a while, and when is this **** gonna be back to normal? As in you around more.
65  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: June 28, 2011, 04:11:12 am
It's like I said, I can replace him, until he starts turning up, if not I'll take charge, until you're gone for Lord Ra knows how long. While my surgery date is unknown, I'd rather stay at admin, until it's done, and I'm back on my feet.
66  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: June 27, 2011, 04:46:03 pm
That maybe true, but it feels like I'm the one who has to make sure this place doesn't get taken down, if inactive for 30 days or more. I can't do this **** forever, I'm not getting any younger, and it's not fair, because I am the oldest, yet I'm left babysitting, I'm growing tired of it.
67  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: June 27, 2011, 01:41:14 pm
It's because I was only your age, when I had dropped out of school, and for a while I was home-schooled. I've just beaten F.3.A.R., and damn it was awesome. I'm so looking forward to Gears of War 3, in September. While you were gone, I made new RPGs, in which why did I bother, since what was the point creating this place if you can't even be around to run the damn place? I'm on all the time, because I got sod-all else to do, I'm just a gamer. Autistic people can't work, I can't get a job, so this bogus crap for "education" ain't worth it. I found out the hard way, people like myself are left in the dark because the government is too ashamed to do a "trial" to see how we do because they're scared of someone like me replacing them at their jobs.

*Sighs* I didn't join this place to babysit, I came here to help.
68  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: June 27, 2011, 10:11:25 am
XD Lucky for me, I'm too damn old for school, and my 23rd birthday's comin' up, so when my operation date is, I'll no doubt pop-on, but that'll be it. I can't ****ing babysit forever. I've been babysitting here, since you left this place to die. While I'm the more active one, perhaps I should take charge (after my surgery, and when when I've recovered).
69  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: June 27, 2011, 08:28:46 am
Sounds like what mine did, last year. I got a friend in Uni, and even she CAN be online, other than a bad connection, she's still around on MSN. I'm tired of Chaos vanishing for days/weeks on end, and I won't be on, when my operation date is set - got gallstones. I can't babysit, all the time mainly with my surgery hanging over my shoulders.
70  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm back, ****es! on: June 27, 2011, 05:34:41 am
Where the fu.ck YOU been?! Seriously! Nice to have you back, and as for the censoring, it isn't down to me nor Shadowscar, it's the forums' fault, to get rid of the censoring, you have to pay for ad-free credits, and I went to their support forums, and you canjust pay less as $5 - might be like £10 here, or £40 in the UK, but there you go. Welcome back.
71  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: June 21, 2011, 03:21:43 pm
I made a screw up on Resident Evil 2, as I was about to go grab the Diamond Key, I had left the second Red Jewel behind, so I had to run back and grab it.
72  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Achievements/Trophies You Hate Getting/Have To Get Again on: June 02, 2011, 06:07:44 pm
I hated it. It drove me crazy, as I'm training myself on Normal, in which I lasted about 2 -3 hours without being killed once, on ODST on Normal, until I got ambushed. I'll come back to this, when I can think of Achievements I hate to get again.
73  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: June 02, 2011, 06:01:36 pm
I don't know anything about FF. Also a month ago, I finally pinged "Nothing Special" on Left 4 Dead Blood Harvest Campagin. What's annoyed me is when I tried to get a Skull on Halo 3, with the AA Wraiths, there's a damn bug/glitch in the game, so I spent hours finding a few skulls to find out, there's a damn glitch in one mission, that I have to complete the entire game JUST to get that skull.

I know I make one hell of a screw up on, I think it was Saints Row. I can't remember, what I did.
74  The Lounge / Random Board / Achievements/Trophies You Hate Getting/Have To Get Again on: April 10, 2011, 03:07:30 am
I'm sure there's Achievements/Trophies, out there that people hate getting or have to get again, 'cause I know I do. What ones do you guys hate?

Game: Left 4 Dead
Achievement Name: Cr0wned
Description: "Kill a Witch with a single headshot."
Weapons Required: Auto Shotgun (Can be done by Hunting Rifle, but is extremely tricky)
GameScore Points: 30

The reason why I'd hate if I had to restart my Left 4 Dead data, all over again, is because I'm a bad shot, and the fact is, this Achievement drove me insane. It took me 3 - 4 tries to finally get it. I follow what people say - crouch aim at her head/chin and does it kill her? Nope! It just annoyed her and she came straight after me. I've tried to re-make my data from my grey Hard Drive Microsoft sent me for free a few years back, in case my Black Hard Drive Elite, dies and I'd lose everything. I can copy my stuff onto my USB Stick, but my profile can't be copyed.

Game: Left 4 Dead
Achievement Name: Man vs Tank
Description: "Single-handedly kill a Tank"
Weapons Required: Auto Shotgun + Molotov + You-only
GameScore Points: 30

I hated this Achievement, as I had to kill a Tank on my own, without the AI Bots helping. I did manage to do this a second time on Expert in No Mercy in the second chapter, where the Tank got himself stuck on a train and the door so I was then left to shoot the crap out of him, with an Assassult Rifle, but already popped the Achievement, on Easy.

Game: Quake 4
Achievement Name: Full Arsenal
Description: "Awarded on completion of a level where a shot was landed with every weapon in a full arsenal."
Weapons Required: Blaster, Machinegun, Shotgun, Railgun, Greanade Launcher, Nailgun, Rocket Launcher, Hyperblaster, Lightning Gun, Dark Matter Gun.
GameScore Points: 20

Ugh, this was a pest, to get. At the time Kane was as a Strogg, and I'd had run-ins with the Iron Maidens, so I had to try for the achievement then, and it soon came up after a few tries, because the Grenade Launcher sucks.

Game: Halo: Reach
Achievement Name: If They Came To Here Me Beg
Description: "Perform an Assassination against an Elite to survive a fall that would've been fatal."
Weapons Required: --
GameScore Points: 25

I hated this one. It's taken me months to finally ping this Achievement.

Game: Halo: Reach
Achievement Name: Two Corpses in One Grave
Description: "Killed 2 vehicles at one with the Target Locator during the 3rd mission"
Weapons Required: Target Locator
GameScore Points: 25

Ugh, this Acheivement drove me mad to get a hold of. I'd got the Achievement after I died, a 6th time on Normal.
75  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: April 10, 2011, 02:46:53 am
I'm just useless in general.

I know I did something wrong on Fallout 3, but I forgot what it was. I'll come back to this.
76  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: April 08, 2011, 03:28:04 pm
I suck at Tomb Raider.

The error I made once, was when I dived off a high platform, but I missed the water and, well fell my death instead.
77  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: April 07, 2011, 01:55:24 pm
Haha, it's a pain to keep myself alive, twice at once, since I'm a total noob on Normal to Legendary, but will get into Halo 3 again, as long as my Xbox 360 Elite behaves itself. I got one skull I think on there, plus still skull collecting on Halo Wars.

My mistake once when I was playing Quake 4, where I was using the Grenade Launcher, but the stupid thing bounced off Makron, and at me and it blew me up, and this was on Corprol difficulty setting.
78  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: April 05, 2011, 03:19:03 pm
Ouch, that sucks. I remember trying a matchmaking thing, on Halo 3: ODST with myself, until I blew myself up, and my enemy.
79  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: April 05, 2011, 04:01:40 am
It gave me something to do, when my Internet was acting crazy - as it's been acting weird lately, mainly my connection, as my parents connection remains A-Okay. As it turned out, the reason my sprites went missing is because, Free forums, are trying to encouge people in paying for these Ad Free Credits. I'm not kididng either, it says so on their support forums. I made a backup version of the forums, with ProBoards, incase this place gets taken down, for any reason. Sadly I'm not able to mimic some without replacing the forums own ranks and stars, as they don't allow me to add my own stars without over-riding theirs. The place is empty, I haven't started on it yet, managed to get a skin up and working, just need time to get everything else added.

For fun, I turned myself into a Zangoose Pokemon-Human, or as Jolteon calls them Pokemorphs. I used a light shading, and seems to look nice. I may darken it, if it's too light for some. I did find Death Note interesting, but creeped me out, when my name means Killer in Japanese. Freaky. Besides, these sprites are a test version, as I may remake them to darken the shading a bit.


80  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: April 04, 2011, 02:21:20 am
Wait what? Ugh, bloody Free Forums, and their bs censoring, no doubt removed my sprites, or they didn't load. The shading is terrible on most of them, as half the Black and White sprites are their DP HG SS sprites, because GameFreak couldn't be bothered to make new ones, as they did for Venusaur, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon. Thanks for the heads up, I'll fix 'em.

Okay, the sprites have been fixed, and I forgot to show these mirror sprites of Felicia.

81  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Stupid Video Game Mistakes You've Made. on: April 03, 2011, 05:53:38 pm
XD Dancing Flood? Sounds funny.

My screw up was when, I was trying for Survivalist Achievement (forgot how to spell it) on F.EA.R. First Encounter Assault Recon, and when I'd gotten to the point where you encounter the Replica Assassins (I don't know their real name, but it's what I call them) until I accidentally threw a grenade, and it blew him up along with myself, so I've started again since.
82  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: I'm here now... on: April 03, 2011, 05:14:31 pm
Welcome to the forums. Sorry, it's a bit dead, but thats how forums go, these days.
83  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: April 03, 2011, 02:24:05 pm
Since, DPPT, HGSS, BLK/WHT, spites have crap shading, making the sprites suck, I decided to work on another TC for myself, but wanted to give this sprite a new look. What do you think?

Note: This is a female version of a Venusaur, as in Black and White, they have a Gender Difference.

HG SS Version:

My version:
84  New User Warehouse / Introductions Board / Re: The King of Yoshi's has arrive on: March 27, 2011, 05:57:27 pm
Welcome LitoYoshi. Enjoy your stay with us.
85  The Lounge / General Forum / Blue Screen of Death - Win7 laptop on: March 19, 2011, 03:39:39 pm
I knew this day would come. Since today is the day of this "super moon", in England tonight and other regions, my laptop suddenly suffered a Blue Screen of Death, and did a Kernal Dump, and is currently working, for now. I had to remove Dragon Age: Origins Limited Edition from my Win7 to regain some hard drive space, and see if the system will be okay. I don't think the game was the cause, since the death screen would of appeared the day I installed the game (18th of March 2011).

If anyone is a computer wiz, you may understand these screenshots, from the error report from Action Center. I'll post the links, to save stretching the page, for most who have their screen size to 800 x 600 or very large, as I have my screen resolution to it's max, so it doesn't **** up my eyes, as I'm used to small icons because of my eyes. Too large icons make my eyes go haywire, making me feel dizzy. If this does happy again, and if Win7 enters system failure, then I'll be back online with Win Vista. I'm posting this in case others may suffer the same fate. If anyone is unable to help me with this, then it's okay. If my laptop does die, then I'll have to ask my cousin for help.
Ehshell.exe crash/stopped responding:

Windows System Shutdown:

Kernal Live Events:

Blue Screen Report:
86  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: March 11, 2011, 03:06:29 pm
You're welcome.
87  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: March 11, 2011, 03:46:45 am
He/It hardly looks any different than it does in Yellow. I know what its FR/LG form looks like, but I can try. I have all the time to do anything, just half the time I'm working on Dragon Age, ready for Dragon Age 2 that is finally over here, in England. I can try, but knowing my luck, it will suck.

Post Edit: Eh, I hope this is okay. I tried my best.

88  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: March 09, 2011, 04:36:48 am
I had this problem with my XP at one stage, and it seems Win7 is doing the same. I don't know which laptop of mine is gonna die first, but my money's on Win7 - suffered two Black Screens of Death and had it nearly 3 months. I tried to do a sprite yesterday, but it went wrong, but I have been making Black and Fire Pokemon, just haven't started on others yet, but I will get round to it.

89  The Lounge / Random Board / People You like To Listen To on: March 08, 2011, 12:58:49 pm
Basically, here you can talk about bands/solo artists, that you enjoy listening to, and can say if you have a music idol  or someone you admire and for what reason. Personality, I listen to anything that sounds good, has a good beat/rhythm good lead vocals, or just sound good in general. As I have Sky, they have a lot of channels, but all I ever watch is the Crime and Investigation Network, Scuzz, BB1 (Saturdays only) sometimes the Sky Sports channels, but that's about it. As I was listening to Scuzz, they had a 100 Rock List, and were up to most numbers, as I was listening while doing work on my laptop, "Bad Girlfriend" by Theory Of A Deadman, and I will admit, that was the best song I had heard, and so was "Bliss" by Muse, who I never heard of, and they come form England, as one of the Muse member's was born and raised in my area - Cambridgeshire. So you can list people's names (bands/solo artists), and the song(s) you enjoy from their albums/singles. Below you can put the bands name/solo artist's names.

Muse, I got into a week or two ago, and they hail from England, and are quite good. The Song "Bliss", is such a nice song to listen to, it makes my spirits raise.

Favorite Muse Song: Bliss (I will add more)

My Chemical Romance, is the first band I got into as there has been many I used to like, but I don't remember who they were nor the songs they did. A friend of mine got me into them, as I'm a rock/heavy rock/metal/heavy metal/death metal type of person, and MCR fall over Emo Rock to most MCR fans, and at first I wasn't sure about them at first, but when I played more often, my like to them grew ands soon I was so into them.

Favorite My Chemical Romance: Welcome To The Black Parade, Mama, Blood, To The End, Helena, House Of Wolves, The Sharpest Lives, Thank You For The Venom, Famous Last Words, This Is How I Disappear, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Teenagers, Kill All Your Friends, Dead, My Way Home Is Through You (Main favorite), You Know What They Do To Guys Like, Cemetery Drive (All time favorite).

I can't remember when it was, when I got into Lacuna Coil, and their style of music is amazing, and very good. I remember hearing, Our Truth, from the movie "Underworld: Evolution", that my father was watching one night. Lacuna Coil have had a lot of good songs, I used to have truck loads of their music on my PC and my parents PC, but sadly I lost them all when my PC died, and my parents PC suffered a death loop.

Favorite Lacuna Coil songs: Swamped, Enjoy The Silence, Circle, Closer, Cold, Our Truth, Heir Of A Dying Day.

Killswitch Engage, are a good lot, that I heard at the end of the movie "Resident Evil: Apocalypse", "To End The Heartache", and later on, I got more into them. I will admit, it's been ages since I last played Killswitch Engage, after my Vista's data loss, but managed to get the songs again, by download.

Favorite Killswitch Engage songs: My Last Serenade, A Bid Farewell, Holy Diver, To End The Heartache (Resident Evil: Apocalypse ending version), The Arms of Sorrow, This Fire Burns (My all time favorite), When Darkness Falls, Staring Over (Heard this ace song on Scuzz).

Rob Zombie... I've loved a lot of his songs, and I can't remember how I got into him. He's done good movies, Halloween, Halloween 2 (Still haven't seen), House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects (wasn't too bad), but his music has always been a favorite of mine, and he's really good. I don't remember what songs I had of his, since Vista's failure.

Favorite Rob Zombie songs: Two Lane Blacktop, Foxy, Foxy, Iron Head, Feel So Numb, Burn Through The Witches, Halloween (She Get So Mean). (I'll come back to this, when I remember any more)

t..A.T.u. have always been my favorite, for ages. "All The Things She Said", has always been my #1 favorite of theirs. I know the lesbian thing they show is fake, but they're still really good.

Favorite t.A.T.u. songs: All The Things She Said (English), Ya Sohla S  Uma (I've Lost My Mind another name) (Russian for "All The Things She Said"), Not Gonna Get Us, (English), Nas Ne Dogonyat (Russian for: "Not Gonna Get Us"), Show Me Love (English - never heard the Russian version), They did a Russian song, I had but I sadly lost it, and I don't remember the name of it. All About Us, You And I, Clowns (Can You See Me Now?), All The Things She Said (Russian Techno Remix), Stars.

Zebrahead, are the best band ever. A friend of mine, who had fallen for me, and had the wrong idea, got me into these guys, and I've listened to them since, and I can relate my days/moods so their songs. I haven't managed to find any other songs of theirs, but I'm still hunting for them.

Favorite Zebrahead songs: Falling Apart, Hello Tomorrow, Anthem, Get Back, Blur, Mintrip [Idle Hands Mix], The Hell That Is My Life, Someday, Subtract You, The Real Me, Dear You (Far Away), Wasted, Heres To You, Into You (Love this one), Hate, Runaway (love this song).

Akira Yamaoka... I've been Yamaoka Akira's fan, since Silent Hill, in 1999. Mr.Yamaoka, has been my idol, ever since. His music talent, is out of this world, whenever he'd create the music for Silent Hill, I felt a connection to his music, in a weird way, that I can't explain. Each Silent Hill game that had been released, I'e bought it, minus the SH Remake, and now there's going to be one this year, without his music, but it has no connection to the game's series. When I heard that Akira was leaving Konami, I thought it was just rumors but it turned out to be true, and I felt shattered as he's been my idol for so long, as when I was young (I was 11), I always wanted to do music as I play the Recorder Instrument well, and that I hoped one day I could of met him in person, but sadly anything I wanted to do ended up shattering, when I was told of my condition, and it rendered me useless. For so long I've always wanted to me Akira Yamaoka, but sadly my dream will never happen. The music, he's done are from the Silent Hill Soundtracks, in which I can't wait to get my hands on the Silent Hill Music Collection box, coming out this month, woot!

Favorite Akira Yamaoka songs: Silent Hill (short), Silent Hill (Long version), All, The Wait, Until Death, Over, Devil's Lyric, Rising Sun, For All, Follow The Leader, Claw Finger, Hear Nothing, Children Kill, Killed By Death, Don't Cry, The Bitter Season, Moonchild, Never Again, Fear Of The Dark, Half Day, Heaven Give Me Say, Far, I'll Kill You, My Justice For You, Devil's Lyric 2, Dead End, Ain't Gonna Rain, Nothing Else, Alive, Never Again 2, Die, Never End, Never End, Never End, Down Time, Kill Angels, Only You, Not Tomorrow, Not Tomorrow 2, My Heaven, Tears Of..., Killing Time, She, Silent Hill (Otherside), (track #41, he didn't do). (There's too many to list I love of his).

Slipknot, are the greatest band, I've heard. I got into them about 3 years ago, when I was watching Scuzz one night, and they were playing "Dead Memories", and that begun, my love into Slipknot.

Favorite Slipknot songs: All of Slipknot (the album), all from Iwoa, all from Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses), all from All Hope Is Gone.

Theory Of A Deadman, I'm a bit into, with their kick ass song, "Bad Girlfriend", as at the moment I'm sorting out all my Muse songs, but Theory Of A Deadman, are damn well good. I wish I had heard of them from the start.

Favorite Theory Of A Deadman songs: Bad Girlfriend (more to come)

Queen - when I was young to 1991 (I'm still a fan of them, just the old Queen). I've been into Queen for years, as I'm still a fan, but more of the old school Queen fan. They have released some amazing songs, before I was born, and such talent, was in their music.

Favorite Queen songs: Who Wants To Live Forever (Live), We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, Living On My Own (Freddy Mercury's solo song), Somebody To Love, Another One Bites The Dust, A Kind Of Magic, Radio Gaga, Don't Stop Me Now. (I'll add more when I can remember them).

The Scorpions, I've only heard one of their songs, as I was sure they were around in the 1960s, as it's no point asking my father, he's an idiot.

Favorite The Scorpion Songs: The Winds of Change.
90  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: March 08, 2011, 04:27:44 am
I'll let you know, that I could be off and on, for a bit, while trying to get Linux (Ubuntu) to install on both my laptops, as I don't trust Vista, and I sure as hell don't trust Win7. At the moment Ubuntu is installing well on my Win7 laptop, but Vista's causing trouble, making the installation say about 100 - 1000 hours, in which I find bullshit. Sprites will be posted, whenever I get round to it, and Black and White are already over here, when they were meant to be out next year (rumors), in which I'll download ROM translated copies when they come onto the Internet, as I'm not buying them. Yeah, anyway sprites from me soon. I tried a revamp, and it went sour, so I'll have to try again, when I get round to it.

Post Edit: Never mind, both have installed fine. Bloody Windows.

Post Edit: Ugh, this "Firmware Missing", keeps coming up for Wireless Connection, yet Vista's Ubuntu was able to find my Network.
91  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: March 06, 2011, 04:59:58 am
It's dark as it can get, for shades. My eyes only **** up, whenever I'm tired, or my left eye is struggling with my vision, because I suffer double vision, as my left eye is very weak compare to my right eye, so whenever my vision turns double, it's very hard to awaken the muscles in my left eye that gave out from keeping my vision normal and it gives me headaches, and thus I'm stuck with glasses. Lightning, often wears yellow and white, Ruby is pink and white, Emerald is green and black. I haven't started either yet, as it was nearly Midnight when I was watching Dragonball Kai (Japanese version), and doing sprite work, as I prefer the Japanese version to ours - a lot of **** is cut out/edited. I can look at Felicia for hours and my eyes remain fine. Lightning, will be posted soon, just need to gather the right shades.

Post Edit: 12:19 PM 06th of March

Okay, after an hour of screwing about with the sprites, I got it dark as I could get it, without it looking horrible.




92  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: March 04, 2011, 04:35:33 am
I ain't dead yet, but my voice box is totally shot down, as in I can't talk to well as my voice is shot from the bad coughing fits I've had the last few nights. I'm on the road to recovery, but coughs are always the worst, as they last for ages, and take forever to back its bags. A week ago, I made these, from Dawn's sprites, her name is Felicia, as she's a Pikachu-Human (her ears are hidden in her hat, and her tail is always behind her back).

Post Edit: 09:11AM 5th of March

I forgot I did a revamp, either the day before I got sick, or the day I did get sick, I can't remember. (My memory gets worse as I get older, so my brain isn't able to keep a memory long, before I end up forgetting, I'm only 22. ¬¬)

Agatha (Will work on others, when I remember, as now March is here, I got a bit of a wait for a Silent Hill Music collection to be released on the 16th, and as a Yamaoka Akira fan, and an old Silent Hill fan, I must torrent that collection, when it becomes available.) This sprite did drive me mad, but the worst I'll find will be Lance. I was sure in the anime, Agatha wears a dark red dress, but it was too long ago, when I last seen the anime (up to the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald series, never again bothered since), as my Pokemon days are coming to an end.:

Post Edit: 11:39 PM 05th of March

Just made these, as these are work of my ficional friends, at Dawn's age. Sapphire's done, but will working on Lightning next.
Summer Style:

Winter Style:

93  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 28, 2011, 04:57:45 am
Oddly enough, 'M sounds just like MissingNo. when I hear its cry. And my illness gets bloody worse, and it's driving me insane. I was gonna do some sprite work yesterday, but got caught up in getting annoyed with Left 4 Dead 2.
94  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 27, 2011, 03:45:54 am
Yeah, I've always wondered that, it's bizarre. More are on the way, it's just I've been sick since Wednesday night, with a **** cough and a sore throat, as yesterday I downloaded some Gen 4 Roms, but until GCL are back online, I can't do Gen 4 glitch research, and as for Red, Charizard 'M is over level 70, with level 81 'M, level 100 MissingNo. (caught at level 145), and nailed the Elite Four. My first Hall of Fame page had Charizard 'M at level 0, with MissingNo./'M (level 0) in the Hall of Fame, with a scrambled version of Zapdos' cry, but I listened to both 'M and MissingNo. and they sound exactly the same as each other, but I beat the Elite Four a second time, so any other research I got going, is on hold until I either recover/GCL are back online, or until Win 7 stops being a pest, and the copies of Platinum I got yesterday, don't seem to run well on iDeaS Emulator, but work on DeSmuME but is very lagy. As for Pokemon Green, I haven't had the chance to start that yet, but I will get on it.
95  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 24, 2011, 07:00:12 am
Here are some new revamps. Koga, Beauty, have come out nicely.


Team Rocket Grunt (This was hard):

Team Rocket Leader Giovanni (This was a nightmare):

Gym Leader Misty:

Beauty (When I look at it, it sort of looks like Jessie):

Gym Leader Koga:

Professor Samuel Oak:

Male Cool Trainer:

Gym Leader Sabrina:
96  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 23, 2011, 04:13:54 am
I know, they could of done the sprite better. I plan on doing more, when I get round to it.

Post Edit: 09:14AM 14th of February

Here's two more I made yesterday.

Female Jr. Trainer

Male Jr. Trainer
97  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 22, 2011, 05:07:35 pm
Here are some revamps I not long created. I only made them, for fun.

Female Cool Trainer Revamp

Male Swimmer Revamp

Gym Leader Erika Revamp (Female Cool Trainer and Erika are my favorite revamps so far)
98  The Board of Creativity / Spriting, Scratching, and Drawing (Art) / Re: Kira's Sprites on: February 18, 2011, 03:55:44 am
Meh. I've been working on my sprite, as I've improved a little bit, as I was watching Death Note, but it creeped the **** out of me when my name (my real name you all know by now is Kira), that means "Killer", it was **** spooky. I've updated my "High School" sprites, and they aren't too bad. As for my Pokemon sprites, I still accept requests, but haven't been making any, while I've had my Win7 turn into an ****, trying to do glitch research, playing games from my childhood, and my health a bit crazy, but not too bad now.

I still can't scratch, but still wondering how I managed to get these sprites updated. I'll be able to do them without a fat Trainer to use as base, as I've lost a few pounds, rendering me down to 17 stone, so if i can just lose 6 more stone, I'll be at the weight I've wanted to be at for so many years (11 stone). I am quite proud of these, to be honest. As for my research on Yellow, I've stopped it for now, while I've been trying to do a Japanese Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Gold/Silver/Crystal glitch research project, but there's one problem. There's no damn Japanese GameShark/Game Genie, codes anywhere! Not even Code Junkies, have any. So that went down the drain.

My Death Note Uniform:

Meh, I made this for fun, as I was playing Pokemon Gold ROM.

Post Edit: February 20th: 3:54AM

Here's some new versions of my sprites, and I'm quite proud and I really like them.

Post edit:

Here's some sprite work, of the two sisters in my Silent Hill story.

(Her current Brookhaven uniform, but it'll get changed later, and here's her Halloween costume, for later on)

(It's meant to be a devil outfit, but she doesn't have any horns, because her hair hides them)
(Her normal outfit)


(It's meant to be an angel outfit, but she doesn't have any wings is because they're behind her back, and her hair hides them)
(Normal clothing)
99  The Lounge / General Forum / Re: Bring out your dead on: January 28, 2011, 03:35:01 am
Ugh, he had to return, didn't he. If I get any **** from him again, feel free to ban him, Chaos.
100  The Lounge / Random Board / Re: Happy 2011 on: July 01, 2008, 03:53:45 am
Since I suffered brain damage for when I was born, it brands me as stupid to places that won't allow me to get a job. I've seen people do odd jobs at 16.

I see he's been on while the forums were down on my area, but hasn't posted anything.

Since The Warden is not showing up, while the forums have been down, one of us should take charge once a week as it'll either be Chaos, who started on Monday, and finishes next Monday, than it is my turn to take over then when my run is over I shall put Chaos back in charge. Since school seems to get in the way of everything, Chaos and I shall take charge, whenever the Warden is absent for a bit too long.
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